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Everything evolves, including the world of detailing as ever more creative competitors are entering the market and bringing their expertise with them.

TREADLYFE uses a wide variety of products when addressing the many challenges that can come with restoration on vehicles and is always looking for the latest technology in paint protection. 

We feature the use of industry standards such as P&S but also have boutique products on hand from makers like Shine Guardian, who are putting their career knowledge into innovating the next best thing to get your car clean. 

In the near future this page will have products available that are featured on our social media channels. 


Product-maker with real work experience creating the latest technology in detailing.

Dripping Suds Shampoo​

Now with Super Gloss Enhancers. This is a premium, high-quality, super concentrate foaming soap. It is formulated with a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants. When activated with water, these surfactants create a deep cleaning, foamy lather, that lifts away grime and dirt with ease. The pH balanced foaming action, combined with the super gloss enhancing properties, ensure extra lubrication when washing.


Removes most stubborn calcium, mineral & fluoride deposits (from hard water) on plastic, glass, painted surfaces and even chrome. Directly after using and cleaning off this product, the surface should be clean, smooth and without mineral deposits. Stubborn stains may require 1-2 additional cleanings. It can also be used on ceramic tiles, glass mirrors & glass shower doors. Only use on cool surfaces.


Safely use on all interior vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces (door panels, dashboard, center console, vents, and leather but not suede). Cleans light dirt and grime, while leaving behind a non-greasy, matte look…just like it did from the factory. The Anti-Static and UV / Sun Blocking Agents bounce off duct and protect against sun damage.


The world’s most advanced Ceramic Waterless Car Wash, Paint Sealant, Clay Lubricant & Spray Detailer. This is an easy-to-use, Spray On/Rub In/Wipe Off, multi-use product. Quickly cleans, polishes and protects, while creating a deep, super-slick, glossy and long-lasting shine. This all-in-one cleaning product contains soaps and wetting agents to safely dissolve dirt and grime on contact. The liquefied dirt is lifted away and pulled into the damp microfiber towel. The infused SiO2 ceramic coating creates a water-beading/sheeting effect that can last for 6-12 months. Now you can maintain your ceramic-coated & non-ceramic coated surfaces, virtually anywhere, anytime.

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